What Engineer Your Life alumni are saying

Erica, I finally found my ideal position. Have been working here for two months — I can see myself staying here and growing as an engineer. The hard work and patience paid off.  I really want to thank you for giving me direction and advice early on. Your kindness and generosity helped me tremendously.    – N.G., B.Sc.Eng., Montreal.

Erica was such a great support to me!  She was an immense help with my P.Eng experience application along with being a great source of knowledge and real world experience, that she shared willingly and openly with me.  I cannot say enough good things about Erica.  I am truly grateful for her positivity, mentorship, friendship and assistance throughout this process and somewhat challenging time for me and my career.  – P.S., P.Eng., Waterloo.

Erica was my mentor when I was a university student, confused about my future and lacked confidence in my skills. After just a few meetings and email exchanges, she helped me become more positive about the possibilities that were ahead of me. The manner in which she communicated with me was personal, and I would say that this is her gift, to meet individuals where they are at, speaking to them from the heart and cheering them on! 9 years later I have gone through many phases in my career and grown as an individual, and a professional but I still look forward to talking to Erica and asking for her help, because it’s such a pleasure!  – Bahareh Hosseini, BEng, Dipl S.T., Dip Ac. Candidate, Toronto.

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