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Ready to take the plunge?  Amazing!   We’ve got a whole bag of tools, tricks and tips to get you on your way to your perfect job and amazing life.  Success on your own terms.  (Mmm that sounds good!)

So how does this work?

We’ll do the sessions over skype – unless we happen to be in the same part of the world in which case coffees are on me!   I provide you with the clarity on where you’re at, what your goals are and how to move forward.  If your package includes them, I will email you the tools beforehand and then we’ll break it down together during our calls.  With years of experience as a Business Improvement Coach, I am used to breaking down problems and then using tools to solve them.  This will be no different, except I have developed these tools just for you!

So just the tools?

No!  Besides step-by-step coaching and questions, you’ll get my own insights and info from my own path:  an engineering education, 10 years working in industry, on non-profit projects, then as a consultant, online entrepreneur, mentor and start-up advisor.

(I’ve also traveled, worked internationally and volunteered so we can talk about that too if you’re interested!)  If there is something I don’t know, I will use my extensive network to locate the answer for you.

And – this part is touchy-feely but it’s key – I’ve been there.  I feel you.  I know how scary it is to throw yourself out into the big bad world, and to make a choice from the millions of options out there, especially if you’re just out of school and you feel like you haven’t proven yourself yet.  As part of working with me, you get a big dose of positivity and old-fashioned you-can-do-it attitude.  After working with me you’ll feel pumped-up, clear and ready to rock!

What can I get for free?

Lots!  Please hang out on the website, follow Engineer Your Life on facebook, check us out on Pinterest, leave comments everywhere!   I love hearing what you think and what you’re up to.  Listen to the Engineer Profiles – they are loaded with awesome advice from successful engineers.  The best way to go is to chat with me on twitter.  I don’t bite!  Finally, I’d love to chat to find out if working with me is right for you.  No pressure and no charge for that either!

Here are your options:

The Quick Fix ($57)

  • 1 half-hour coaching session with Erica
  • 1 resume + LinkedIn profile check
  • 1 quick report of recommendations
  • Copy of ‘Life Design 101’ ebook

The Reboot ($147)

  • 3 half-hour coaching sessions
  • 1 resume + LinkedIn profile check
  • 1 EYL Potential Detection session
  • Copy of ‘Life Design 101’ ebook

The System Overhaul ($287)

  • 6 half-hour coaching sessions
  • 1 complete EYL Life Design toolset (includes the resume + LinkedIn profile check and the Potential Detection session)
  • Copy of ‘Life Design 101’ ebook

Not ready yet?  No problem!  Please hang around the site and enjoy the free content.  Talk to your friends about it!

Say hi on twitter @engineeryrlife or email me at if you have any questions.

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